“Advice to the Students of Knowledge” by Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzaan Al Haajiree

Advice to the Students of Knowledge

By Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzaan Al-Haajiree

Translated by:

Akram an-Najdee


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The Advice:

The Shaykh – May Allaah Preserve Him – said:

What are you doing O students of knowledge with your people, with your countries, with your communities, and with your families?

And you all see (people) seeking aid from other than Allaah (Istighaatha bi ghayr illaah), and sacrifice for other than Allaah, and making vows for other than Allaah, and swearing by other than Allaah, and these charms and amulets. These five things that are hung and used to repel the sight and fight the Eyes (reference to evil eye), is attached to other than Allaah, the One, the Only, praise be to Him.

What is the greatest sin that you can disobey with? What is it?


If you fear Allaah with these sins that are being spread amongst you, and in your countries, and towns, and areas, then this is a serious matter. The greatest thing in which Allaah warned from is Shirk (polytheism):

“Whoever commits shirk (associates partners) with Allaah, then Allaah has prohibited Heaven for him and his abode is the Fire, and the oppressors (dhaalimeen) do not have any helpers.”

Who said this? The Lord of All the worlds, He is the One who said this. Whoever commits shirk (polytheism) with Allaah, then Allaah has prohibited Heaven for him. Beware that Heaven will be prohibited for you! How and you see your brothers and family, or relatives and they are involved in that with what happens around the graves from seeking aid with them and descriptions like that, with what is taking the Rights of Allaah –Tabaarak wa Ta’aala – for those people who are created!

Pay attention to these! And make notice of these to others! And be merciful with your people!

The second matter:

The Sunnah, the Sunnah O Ahlus Sunnah! The Sunnah, the Sunnah, spread it with the Sunnah. Do not spread the Sunnah with Bid’ah (innovations). Do not spread it in the ways of the Khawaarij. Do not spread the Sunnah in the ways of the people of falsehood. Spread the Sunnah with the Sunnah, in the way of Muhammad – Salallaahu alaihi wa salam – …


Sunday Night, 6th of Muharram, 1432H

Dawrah Imaam al-Hijrah, Maalik bin Anas,

Aghaadir, Morocco