Humility for the Sake of Allaah – by Shaykh Saaleh As-Suhaymee

Whoever has Humility for the Sake of Allaah is Raised

By Shaykh Saleh bin Sa’ad As-Suhaymee

Translated by:

Akram Abdul Qaadir an-Najdee


Important ِAdvice for the Muslims;

The Shaykh said:

Whoever has humility for the sake of Allaah is raised (in rank). Many of the pretenders to knowledge have reached the level they’ve reached in vanity from pretending to seek knowledge, pride, vanity, and deception from what they have easily attained in knowledge. Some of the Salaf have said:

“A person does not cease to be a scholar as long as he seeks knowledge, when he thinks he has sufficed in knowledge, then he is ignorant.”

And from what I’ve benefited from our Shaykh, Shaykh Hammaad Al Ansaari – Rahimahullaahu Ta’aala-; and he is from the Mashayikh of the noble Da’watus Salafiyyah upon the path of our noble scholars, past and present; he said:

“Knowledge is of three types: knowledge that leaves behind pride, knowledge that leaves behind apprehension, and knowledge that leaves behind humility.”

Then he – Rahimahullaah – explained and clarified:

Some of those who attain a little bit of knowledge and then boast to the people with it and speak  eloquently, choose strange speech, and come with strange issues, differ with the religious rulings (Fataawa), and are hasty in giving rulings, and similar to that, then this is the knowledge that leaves behind pride. He may have something from knowledge, but he has wasted it with this arrogance. If he feels that this knowledge makes him great among the people and he becomes arrogant, then he should fear Allaah and be warned that he has reached a dangerous level. This knowledge leaves behind arrogance. And many of those on the satellite TV shows, those who try to fool some of the people, are from this group.

Knowledge that leaves behind apprehension: It is the knowledge that the person acts upon it whenever he learns about it. He acts upon it and calls to it, after he affirms and verifies it, and after he studies with the major scholars and commends learning with them. This is the knowledge that leaves behind apprehension. Allaah – Tabaraka wa Ta’ala- says: “Indeed those who fear Allaah from His slaves are the scholars” [Surah Faatir]

Knowledge that leaves behind humility: If he fears Allaah, what is the result? He has humility with the servants of Allaah. If he fears Allaah, he has humility with the servants of Allaah. And this is affirming the statement of the Messenger of Allaah – SallAllaahu alaihi wa salam- “Whoever has humility for the sake of Allaah, He will raise him”.

So have humility for the sake of Allaah O Students of Knowledge! And O Muslims! For this makes the Muslim have a clear heart and clear intentions, meaning that he checks the Truth, and he always feels that he falls short in obedience to Allaah, he always feels that he has not attained anything without the major scholars, so he is humble and tranquil for the sake of Allaah – ‘Azza wa Jall- and he speaks upon what he is able from what Allaah -Tabaraka wa Ta’aala- has given him. He does not go beyond the limits Allaah set for him.