“Al Maahir bil Qur’aan” – By Shaykh Jamal Al Qirsh

Al Maahir bil Qur’aan

By Shaykh Abi Abdir Rahman Jamal Al Qirsh

Compiled and Translated by:

Akram Abdul Qaadir As-Saylanee an-Najdee


Dawrah Al Maahir bil Qur’aan, the first part, Masjid Al Hamad, Sharqiyyah, Saudi Arabia.


Shaykh Jamaal Al Qirsh, mentioned 10 levels that the student who desires to be experienced in reciting the Qur’aan should meet:

The Shaykh recommended that one begins with Juz ‘Amma, as to complete all 10 levels for the entire Qur’aan will take most of your life, so we should start with a smaller goal.

The levels:

1) Reciting Juz ‘Amma without any difficulties.

  1. Know the names of the Surah with its evidences
  2. Dividing the Ayaat based where to start and stop
  3. Reading the Ayaat without any difficulties or problems

2) Tafseer

  1. Tafseer Al Lafdhi (based on the wording)
  2. Tafseer Al ‘Aqadi (based on beliefs)
  3. Tafseer At-Tarbawi (based on pedagogy)

3) Memorizing Tuhfatul Atfaal (of Al-Jamzoori) and citing evidences based on it

4) I’raab

  1. To identify the Faa’il
  2. To identify the Jumlatul Fi’ilyyah
  3. To identify the Jumlat Al Ismiyyah, etc.

5) Citing Al Jazariyyah from memory

6) Reciting Juz ‘Amma continuously and with stopping, with ar Room and al Ishmaam

7) Identifying the areas where you can stop, begin, and knowing the ruling on whether it is taam (complete), hasan (good), or kaafi (sufficient).

The following levels are mutakhasis (specialized) and are the last levels:

8) Weighting between the different Tafaseer of the scholars of tafseer

9) Al I’raab – knowing the correct from I’raab

10) Weighting between the Waqf (stopping) and Ibtidaa’ (beginning) areas.