“The Signs of a Hizbee” – By Shaykh Zayd Al Madkhali

The Signs of a Hizbee

By Shaykh Zayd bin Haadee Al Madkhali

Translated by:

Akram Abdul Qaadir As-Saylanee an-Najdee


Al-‘Aqd Al Munadhad Al Jadeed fil Ijaabah ‘ala Masaa’il fil Fiqh wal Manhaj wat Tawheed (Page 43 and 44)


When does a person become a Hizbee (partisan)?

The Shaykh answered:

This question requires a lengthy response, and I do not have free time for that. However, I will denote some of the signs that the Hizbee (partisan) is known by, regardless of whether he is a leader or a follower in the following points:

1) When he joins a particular group that has a specific methodology that opposes the methodology of the Salaf (predecessors), the people of Hadeeth and Athar, such as the Ikhwaan (Muslim Brotherhood) and its factions, and the Jama’at at-Tableegh and its sympathizers. When he aids his hizb or group in truth and falsehood.

2) When he sits with and goes with one of the previously mentioned groups, and other than them from the people of misguidance in beliefs and actions, regardless of whether they are a group or individuals who follow or are followed.

3) When he criticizes the people of Sunnah and his face changes when he hears a refutation of those who refute the contemporary hizbees, the people of secretive organisations and covert alliances.

4) When he falls into (criticism) in the honor of the Du’aat (callers) that hold fast to what the people of Athar are upon from obedience to Allaah, obedience to His Messenger (ﺻﻠــﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴــﻪ ﻭﺳﻠــﻢ), and obedience to the rulers of the Muslims, who are upon the path of the Salaf.


5) When he falls into (criticism) of the rulers, and loves those who malign them in their books, lectures, and sittings.

6) When he attacks the scholars that do not rebel against the rulers when they fall into error. So they will attribute them with paying lip service or similar to it from the filth that should not be levied against the firmly grounded scholars, except from the diseased who have sick hearts and the foolish minded.

7) When he loves Anasheed (Songs with or without musical instruments) and plays, and when he vehemently defends it and its people; and how much is this found in the ranks of the Ikhwan Al Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood), for it’s the entertainment of their leaders and soldiers from the unfortunate deluded male and female youth, May Allaah return them all to the welcoming Truth.