“Advice for those who refute” by Shaykh ‘Aayid ash-Shimmerree

Advice to the Salafees concerning refutations

By Shaykh ‘Aayid bin Khaleef ash-Shimmerree

Translated by:

Akram an-Najdee


Translated from the audio lecture: Explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed, tape 2 (9:00 to 46:00). Listen to the audio at the audio section of the Athaar website


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Please note that this advice is not specifically referring to anyone person. Look to the advice and apply it to yourselves. Do not defeat the purpose of the advice by using it against your brothers in criticism.

Transcription of the advice:

Speaking about an issue the Shaykh -hafidhahullaah- says: And after that I’ll talk about the issue that some of the Salaf – and some of the Sahaabah- stated that it should be noted in the Qur’aan not in other than the Qur’aan. And some of them did not warrant this.

There is a point here with this issue. It is that there were differences between the Salaf, the Salafiyyoon. And there existed differences between the Sahaabah (companions) in issues like this one. The Sahaabah differed in this issue. There existed differences amongst the Sahaabah concerning: “Did the Prophet – Salallaahu alaihi wa salam- see his Lord?” Clear or not?  Some said that he did not see Him and that it’s the vision in the dream and the correct opinion is that it was a vision in the dream. However some of the Sahaabah said that he saw his Lord.

There existed differences between the Sahaabah in many Fiqh and knowledge-based issues. Clear or not? Rather there existed differences between the Sahaabah that even led to fighting between them, such as the battle of Siffin and Jamal. It led to fighting! Envision it… meaning, it’s not regular differing, it’s differing that led to fighting… armies, fighting from this side and that side. And they killed each other in this fighting, to this level! However, has any of the Sahaabah, regardless if they differed with each other in a Fiqh-related issue or differed with other Sahaabah in the issue of the Prophet -salallaahu alaihi wa salam seeing his Lord, or the issue of Siffin or Jamal, or other than it… have you heard any of the Sahaabah saying about the other side, even if it’s the side that fought them sword to sword, than he is not from the Sahaabah? Or negated his companionship? Or said that he is an innovator, misguided and misleading others? Or that he said that this one has this and that – from the names that are given to the people of misguidance? The answer is, “No.”

Rather the matter is established from them that if one of them heard that another was killed -in the same battle- they would cry. And they would stand by his companion than was fighting him – after he was killed- and he would cry. Rather- Pay attention! – After the fighting stopped between them, we would not hear that some of the companions went to the place of so-and-so and some others went to the place of so-and-so. Rather they would go stay with each other.

In fact, Mu’aawiyaah – radhiallaahu anhu -, the one who fought ‘Alee, when the pledge of allegiance was given to Mu’aawiyyah… we did not hear that the group that fought Mu’aawiyyah with ‘Alee left the obedience to Mu’aawiyyah. Rather they gave their allegiance to Mu’aawiyyah. We did not hear that there was repercussions from this differing, meaning it lasted two years, rather the opposite… when Al-Hasan – radhiallaahu anhu – stepped down, clear or not? We found that the Sahaabah gathered around Mu’aawiyyah, and they went to Jihaad, they opened the countries, defended the front lines, and they fought.

It is important for the Salafees to understand this point very well.

There have come between us disputes. There have come between us refutations. There’s nothing wrong it. There’s no problem. There have come refutations from the latter ones for the earlier ones. Meaning: the one who preceded him in knowledge and Da’wah, the opposite has come true.

However, the most important thing is that the conditions be: the Taqwa (fear) of Allaah -‘azza wa Jall-

The second thing is: That you want the Truth.

The third thing is: that you use the legitimate (shar’ee) terms in differing. Do not give him the terms used for the Jahmiyyah and the Hulooliyyah. And give him the expressions of the people of deviance. The effects (types of language) found in the book “Refutation of Ad-Daarimee upon al-Mareesee” or the types of language from, “the Refutation of the Jahmiyyah” that Imaam Ahmed mentioned or other than him. Then they take the same types of expressions and use it on a Salafee who made a mistake – you see that he made a mistake – then you use the expression misguidance and innovation on him.

(For example,) “You are a deviant innovator! And you have… you erred… and you… and you…!!” If there is some innovation with him, then affirm it with evidence and proof. And the Salafees are not stupid or idiotic, and they are not blind followers. Not for you, not for someone else. Read your evidences. Not every person has lived forever in Salafiyyah and Allaah has blessed them with it, then after that they made a specific mistake and you took that and made it a split between the Salafees and to make differing between the Salafees and to make them consider each other deviant, innovators, or to warn from each other, and to downplay their efforts. And that person, you may find him opposing the Jahmiyyah, Raafidhah, Soofiyyah, and the liberals. Meaning: In his country there’s no one known except for him. He’s the one holding the banner of Salafiyyah in his country and his area. He supports Tawheed ar-Roobubiyyah (Oneness of Allaah’s Lordship).He supports Tawheed al-Uluhiyyah (the worship of Allaah alone). He supports Tawheed al-Asmaa was-Sifaat (the uniqueness of Allaah’s Names and Attributes). He prohibits innovations and the people of desires, and he prohibits, and prohibits, and prohibits… then after that you come to “terminate” him and you end his presence.

If we open this door, then tomorrow none of us will remain. And I say this to you frankly! I advised some of the students of knowledge: I said to them, “Respond… refute, there’s no problem, respond, and write a book, and mention the person you are refuting by name. And clarify his mistakes with clear evidence and proofs, no problem. The religion of Allaah is to be preserved. However this does not mean that you make it an issue of Walaa and Baraa’ (loyalty and disownment) and judge upon everything he calls to and terminate all the Salafiyyah he has. And to cause strife and splitting between the Salafees and the People of Tawheed

Some of the people do not know what the mistake actually is! They hear your harsh speech and he does not know what this mistake with him is. Then you make it hard on him. Then he will label you with harshness. Or that you do not want anything except a person who agrees with your opinion! And the other group has the same speech, “You are harsh people; you don’t want anything but those who agree with your opinion!” Then the group will say, “No, you are too lenient (mutamay’i’oon) and you do not want anything except what agrees with your leniency (Tamyee’)!” And the Salafees start to disperse and split! This is unacceptable!

And this door, if it is opened then there will be no students of knowledge remaining. Now in the field there are issues that you know, but what is hidden is that there are secondary students of knowledge, you know them with Salafiyyah, they are strong and they write about Salafiyyah. There are people preparing refutations to beat them- other than what you see out there. Look! The Salafees respond to each other, no problem, it’s imperative to return ourselves, return our generation and youth. It’s normal. Read this refutation of this one upon that one. Upon Hamood at-Tuwayjiree. He refuted Al-Albaanee. And the people read the speech of Al-Albaanee and they read the speech of Hamood at-Tuwayjiree – Rahimahullaah rahmatan waas’iah-. However Hamood at-Tuwayjiree did not say about Al-Albaanee that he is not Salafee, or warn from Al-Albaanee, or warn from all of what he has written, or degraded Al-Albaanee.

Ibn Baaz refuted Al-Albaanee in the issue of covering the face and in other issues, and in the issues of Hajj, and issues in the Salaah (prayer) – Clear or not? – However Ibn Baaz did not degrade anything from the name of Al-Albaanee and Al-Albaanee did not degrade anything from the name of Ibn Baaz.

Even the students of knowledge: respond to what is between you. Perhaps a person would say: A person may be – yes, he is Salafee however he deviated. And the hearts are between the two fingers of Ar-Rahmaan (The Most Merciful- Allaah). He maybe Salafee, however he has something from Bid’ah with him. And then he starts to call to it. He befriends and opposes due to it. He loves and hates due to it, and like this. We say: What he differs in, refute it. However the people should understand your refutation. They should know his mistakes and his innovations then after that comes the warning against him.

However the people, they do not know this thing! The people know that he is Salafee and that most of the people have more praise for him. And they know that his books are Salafee books. And the person has with him good, then you come and say, “He has this… he innovated… this…” No, the people will not refute him.

We are Salafees – understand this very well – Salafees. We do not blindly follow anything from anywhere. We follow the Book (Qur’aan) and Sunnah. And those who want to bring us proof, then bring it – whether it is speech about people or speech about an issue. When you speak about a person who is well-known with Salafiyyah and Sunnah, mention your proofs. Mention your evidences. Clarify it with proofs and such. Stay away from intimidation and labels. Be committed to using legislated terms. We do not want in our refutations that which does not hold strong to the legislated expressions.

And give your statement based upon the mistake made. The expression should be in accordance with the mistake that was made. The statement should not be greater than the mistake itself. The mistake is a sin and you give him an expression for an innovator! The mistake may in a knowledge-based issue – which has differences- and there are those from the people of knowledge that agreed with this – from the major people of knowledge, then you work with him as if he is the most deviant of the creation of Allaah. What if I take that and apply it upon the major scholar who said the same thing, what will you do? You have a problem!!

We do not want it… we want our refutations to be strong and accurate. If you open this door, your speech will be brought and will be incumbent to be put on such and such scholar. The major scholar said the same speech as this one. What will you say? You will say the major scholar erred!! They will say, “You said he made a mistake, okay then why do you say about this one that he is misguided and misguiding others, and considered his entire way as deviated? And the scholar you just say he erred!! Political correctness?”

Okay, if you see that it is deviance, and this one deviated and the likes, then apply it to all. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us that we understand that the refutations which occur between us are likely. No problem. The Salafees and Ahlus Sunnah refute each other and debate about Fiqh-related issues. In issues… even issues in the Usool of Ibn Khuzaymah and he was refuted in the issue of “As-Soorah” and other than it… refutations are expected.

And Ibn ‘Uthaymeen – may Allaah have mercy upon him – in the issue of “Ma’iyyah“, Hammood at-Tuwayjiree refuted him and Ibn Baaz advised him and Ibn ‘Uthaymeen returned from that position. However he did not say, “O Ibn ‘Uthaymeen! You have something with you, You are a Huloolee! And you are a Jahmee! And you are this!!” – wal-‘iyyaadhu billaah.

Refutations are expected. And the Salafees have refutations between them. And people err. However it must be under a Salafee framework, as long as it is holding fast to the principles of Salafiyyah, as long as it is in opposition to the people of innovations and the people of desires. Opposing the Ashaa’irah, Mu’tazilah, Jahmiyyah, polytheists, Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood), Tableegh, and the Takfeerees. Opposing all of this Dunya (worldly life). And it should be known with Salafiyyah and aiding it. So it is incumbent that we should be cautious and tactful.

I do not want to sit in a room and have the door closed on me – may Allaah Bless you – and the people are exposed to the filth that is outside and leave the fitnah to spread between the Salafees in all the places that is not important to me. Leave them burning in Libya, burning in Europe, burning in Jordan, burning in Egypt, burning in the Gulf…not important to me!! Leave salafiyyah to burn completely!

When one says something then listen to it, and look at the benefits and the harms, and give something which the other will accept so that the fitnah (tribulations) will not spread.

If I want to refute a person, it is incumbent that I consider… if this person is known with Salafiyyah and with the Sunnah – I should consider what will spread amongst the Salafees from Fitnah (tribulations). I refute and I clarify: that he erred in this and this, and that the response to you is this and this, with good manners and respect… and I publish my response and with his name and with everything… there’s no problem. There’s no problem.

It is incumbent to educate the youth – and to educate ourselves before that – that we accept the differences between us and respond to each other. As for this issue – using expressions which are greater than the mistake, clear or not? Then this is a dangerous matter. I am not opposing any student of knowledge refuting another Salafee student of knowledge, ever! And some of the brothers, I said to them, “Respond with a book and by name, leave the salafees who know. However, mention your proofs and your clear evidences without a fuss, and without using expressions greater than the mistake itself, and without loyalty and disownment due to it, and problems and like this… for this is unacceptable. ”

And now the reason for my speech, now there is a fire which is burning and flaming, not just those who you know, there is fire waiting!! Waiting, those who you do not know, who you have not seen now, it has this fire and flame, and it has people waiting. Meaning – I will give you an example-: When a person is with another person in the same place, and the other person writes his book – and all of them are Salafees- then the other person comes saying that the other so-and-so has incorrect statements, why did you not come and advise him? Why did he go and write a book? Then if he writes a book – no problem – and he wants to call out his mistakes, why did he say that he is not a Salafee? We went and entered this subject and after that everyone has gone and attacked the other. And it’s gone to split the Salafees in every part of the world. Clear or not? Then what should we do? What do we say?

We say:

Differences occurred between the Salaf – themselves-, and between the Sahaabah – themselves – however their differences were: do not consider the other an innovator or consider the other deviant. They used to have respect with each other, and the matter came to the point where they fought and killed each other for what came between them – may Allaah be pleased with them all- and with that they praised each other… he is the one who killed so-and-so… and with that after the fighting ended it was over. They were beloved to each other and we do not see that they called against each other.

And with us – throughout history – refutations occurred between the Salafees, refutations occurred between the followers of the Madhaahib. They refuted each other in issues: in Salaah (prayer), in Siyaam (fasting), in Zakaat (charity), and in Hajj (pilgrimage)… I’ll give you an example now, no problem. Let’s discuss it with this chapter! You have the explanation of Ibn ‘Uthaymeen and the explanations of the people of knowledge. However let’s address these problems.

When the differences spread between the Salaf regarding the issue of one who leaves the Salaah – while affirming its obligation – clear or not?, then the people come now- on the grounds that they are Salafees-  they look at a person that does not consider the one who leaves the Salaah as a disbeliever, that he is not a Salafee. Rather greater than this, they describe him as a Murji’!

This is from oppression and this is from extremism in differing!

Imaam Maalik was a Murji? Imaam ash-Shaafi’ee was a Murji? Aboo Haneefah, it is reported from him that he had Irjaa’ in the issue of actions. However, as for Ahmed bin Hanbal, there are five narrations from him that have been reported in the issue of leaving the Salaah, including that he does not see that he (the one who leaves salaah) is a disbeliever. Ibn Qudaamah – the leader of the Madhhab – did not see it (disbelief of the one who leaves Salaah). Ibn Taymiyyah did not see disbelief except the one who abandons it completely and did not prostrate except for a single prostration and did not bow except for a single bow (rukoo’) – his entire life – and he completely abandoned it. Rather he said, “If he is called by the Imaam and he rejects, then he has disbelieved.” And this is the correct opinion. Ibnul Qayyim -same thing- he saw that it is disbelief in action, and other than this.

Those people want to obliterate them. Meaning, those people, if one of the people of desires sat with them he will prevent him. He will say come… as long as it’s like this… according to your words: Maalik, ash-Shaafi’ee, Ahmed bin Hanbal – in a narration -, Ibn Qudaamah, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibnul Qayyim… all of them! You people did not study Irjaa’ and you understand the sect of the Murji’ah only from Ibn Taymiyyah. You do not understand what is Irjaa’ except by the way of Ibn Taymiyyah! He has some activities which are extreme.

The issue of excuse due to ignorance: this is an issue of different opinions. The people who agree with it, they enter them into the issue of Irjaa’. They make loyalty and enmity based on the issue of the excuse due to ignorance. And there is no place except that those who do not see an excuse due to ignorance insinuate that it is from the people of our times!

Okay, if you insinuate that (it is from) the people of our times then insinuate it upon Ibn Taymiyyah, he is the one who saw an excuse due to ignorance. Muhammad bin ‘Abdul-Wahhaab, it is reported from him that he saw an excuse due to ignorance. Ibnul Qayyim, so-and-so… so-and-so… so-and-so… a lot of the earlier people of knowledge, those who Salafiyyah is learned from, you and your scholars.

They come to this issue and turn it into Walaa’ and Baraa’ (loyalty and abandonment) and hostility and accusations and like this. Now this category of people that are doing work, we know what they are doing, we have news of their actions, and we have information about them, but they think that they are clever! And everything is with us! But we are waiting for them to openly announce the name, so that we can show them what a refutation is, because he is striking from below …., and when you face him he says, “No I don’t mean you.” When he takes the youth and is working with them day and night, it gets to the point that when you start a class near them then they cut you off and abandon you… and do not talk to you saying: never… never… never… never!

And this plotter, I have a way with him. I plot against him like he plots against me and at the same time I do not clarify, how will it become clear to him for him to return and I teach him!

Because it’s not logical that I talk about a person who is hidden and no one knows him, because if I talk then the people will say, “You have oppressed!” Because he will constantly say, “No I didn’t say that!” I have become an oppressor O ‘Aayid! They say, “Your refutation is oppression of him!”… We have with us legislated politics, it’s not that so-and-so plays with us and so-and-so thinks he’s smart! Clear or not? So then: Just like you are working – they go and hear this tape and spread it -! We work, but let us forget this for a second… clear your head and see what he will write in response!

As for the for the issue of the splitting of the youth in the issue of the excuse due to ignorance, the splitting of the youth in the issue of disbelief of the one who abandons the Salaah, the splitting of the youth in the issue of Irjaa’ and what is Irjaa’ and Jins al ‘Amal and what is Jins al ‘Amal and problems like this.

Alhamdulillaah (All praise is due to Allaah), the Salafees from a long time before knew Eemaan and that it is the belief, speech, and action and these are the three pillars of Eemaan. And the one who does not work completely, sitting a period of time, and he rejects that he should prostrate, pray, fast, give charity, or perform Hajj (pilgrimage), these are not present – originally- because Ibn Taymiyyah said: “This issue is conceptual, it is not possible for the person who has the will and ability to not pray, prostrate, praise Allaah, or act!” This is not present, this one is playing with us. Disbeliever, however he is deceiving us! Ibn Taymiyyah mentioned this and the people of knowledge mentioned it…

I know some of the people, their reasons are politics. They do not have any relationship to your concerns. Meaning, you are slaughtering yourself studying the issue and what is their evidences… and he’s politically motivated. His work is politics. He wants to degrade the other group so that they are not known with Salafiyyah. That’s it! So he wants anything on them!

Al-Albaanee died… Al-Albaanee died or not? Al-Albaanee died! Their understanding with him will be on the Day of Resurrection! You repeat it 24 hours, “What do you mean, Al-Albaanee?” – We know – we say to them, “What do you intend?” They say, “We do not know!” And there and there! Who are they? Remember them so that you learn how to refute…. so they focus on Al-Albaanee and they do not mean Al-Albaanee. When Al-Albaanee was alive, no one said about him that he is a Murji’ – except Safar al-Hawaalee, and the sick Ikhwaanis and Takfeerees, the followers of Sayyid Qutb – clear or not?

The people of Sunnah and Tawheed did not say it. Ibn Baaz did not say it, Ibn ‘Uthaymeen did not say it. The people of knowledge did not say it. No one said this. When this fitnah (trials) arose from the group of Sayyid Qutb and the Suroorees that are here with us, Ibn Baaz said and clarified that he is Salafee. Ibn Uthaymeen refuted them and clarified that he is Salafee and whoever spoke about Al-Albaanee with Irjaa’ that he does not know Irjaa’ or that he does not know Al-Albaanee. Meaning, this fitnah existed in the time of the two Imaams: Ibn Baaz and Ibn Uthaymeen and they refuted them.

However when Ibn Baaz, Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, and Al-Albaanee died, another type arose who were different from the first. However their work is interpolation, because they are cowards!! Because the politics that they work with – it’s not for Allaah – it’s political, they apply the methodology of fear. Clear or not?

So I say: right now there are those who are sitting down and working to split the Salafees, and they succeeded in some areas, and we know. We sat with some people who used to be with them. And they told us that they want this and this to this extent even to your religious seminars, they would come to some of the youth and say: “Make a seminar at the same time as your seminar and we will pay you!!” And it was said to some people with this same statement from people who are known! We know those who said this to them. And we know what was said, and with that we kept quiet, we’ve known about it since three or four years being silent, but we do not want any fitnah.

Then, we have a specific limit, if he comes then go and refute. Until now he has not come. Until now they’ve just gotten on the camel, the rider of the camel rides however he wants… stand and be patient… clear or not? The reason is that the call to Salafiyyah will remain and the Takfeerees and the group of Usaamah bin Laaden, Al-Qaeda, and the Qutubis will not be happy. The people of desires will be happy about us (if we don’t). However I say to them: You’ve increased your insults, and you’ve increased your criticisms, and patience has its limitations, clear?

The other type – same speech- we have students of knowledge who are well known, famous in the Da’wah of Salafiyyah and they have books about innovations and the innovators and in everything. Allaah has given benefit through them, great benefits. And with the people, he differs in an issue or in a book or said some statement… they want to degrade him.

In conclusion, the refutations between the People of Sunnah are expected. This is a matter which has occurred before, the Sahaabah themselves used to refute each other in issues of Fiqh and there came between them differing – which is well known – in issues of Fiqh from the Masaa’il Fiqhiyyah (Fiqh issues). There came between them differences in the issue of the Prophet – salallaahu alaihi wa salam- seeing his Lord or not – actual sight of the eyes or in the sleep – and their came between them differences to the level that they fought with the sword. Do we not say salafiyyeen??

Okay let’s see the Salaf, how they dealt with each other when there was differing between them. We imitate them! Correct or not? Do we not refute the people of innovation because the Salaf refuted the people of innovation? Just like this we look at the Salaf – the sahaabah and taabi’een – how the differences of opinion were handled between them and how they dealt with each other.

Our major scholars like Ibn Baaz, Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, and al-Albaanee and other than them in this time, how did they differ amongst themselves? How did they refute each other? They imitated the way of the Salaf.

We are not like the Hizbees (partisans) that if one of their friends makes a big mistake, they do not refute him to preserve their hizb (group)! This is not for Allaah! We say refute, but refute with the legislated terms, refute without having after it any repulsion and hate and that leads to division between the ranks of the Salafees or oppression in the judgment or a test for the Salafees.

When it is clarified to you that this person has erred and has been responded to, and it isn’t clear to me then do not test me! I have my evidences and you have your evidences. I do not follow desires; if I followed desires then you have some talk, affirm that I follow desires. This is a matter of the heart! I also have my evidences and I will debate you with it and show you and clarify to you and I love you (for the sake of Allaah). Then don’t you don’t deal with me if I don’t agree with you and that’s it, I’m not Salafee!! Salafiyyah is in the Book and the Sunnah and the understanding of the Salaf, not with you however you may be! This is the problem that it’s incumbent to understand.

The other group, if you differ with them then they’ll say to you that you are not Salafee. The earlier group, if you differ with them they’ll say you are not salafee!! Running through Salafiyyah! Salafiyyah is a great matter, exiting people from Salafiyyah is a great matter, you will be asked about it on the Day you are in between the Hands of Allaah. This fitnah that that has started between Salafees is a great matter. When fitnah starts between the People of Sunnah and the People of Tawheed and Salafiyyah it is a great matter! What will I say to my Lord -All Praise to Him-?! I sit with the door closed upon me and I have caused a trial for Ummah outside! What pretext has been taken – even if the person has erred- taken the causes and measures to clarify his mistakes without splitting the ranks. It does not bother me! Split or no split! The ignoramus understands the way he understands! The layman understands the way he understands, the people understand the way they understand! I have nothing to do with it!!

We live in a time, we see campaigns. The Jews and Christians campaign against Islaam. Look at what America is doing. The Liberalists, what are they doing. Look at the disasters that are happening. The Muslim world is divided. It has many occupied countries. Problems… Come to the Raafidah – from one direction- and their propagation and this. Come to the Soofiyyah and their propagation. Most of the Muslim world study the Ash’ariyyah and like this. Come! Look at the matters with a magnifying glass… come to the Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen and how they eat the greens and the arid, the channels and everything. Come to the Tableegh and see how your neighbor, your brother speak of them!

I do not look at this issue completely, I do not look at the the measures, and I do not look at what benefits the Da’wah, and what benefits Tawheed, and what benefits the People of Sunnah, and what benefits Salafiyyah and the Salafees! There are groups that do not care about. There are people who they do not care about! He sits in his house, in his house the whole time. This is like this, this is like this, this is like this…!!

He does not establish classes in Fiqh and Sunnah. He does not advocate opposing the falsehood and know the value the Sunni and the value of the Salafee and their rarity. And he does not know the great danger that wants to eradicate the presence of Salafiyyah. Such that they want to erase the issue that the Jews and the Christians are disbelievers, he wants to erase that! He doesn’t know all of this! If you say that to him he’ll say: “Islaam began as something strange and will return as something strange.” Okay that’s his proof…

Where did the Prophet -Salallaahu alaihi wa salam – go to Taa’if and display himself?! Where did Allaah send Nooh for 900 years?! From the first time, Nooh -alaihis salaam-, from the first day he called them to Tawheed and “Islaam began as something strange…” and he went amongst them and left them alone?!! He did not sit for 900 years with the disbelievers and the polytheists and advise them?! This is a strange understanding! But man endeavors for the causes, and gives Da’wah and is patient. Then he consoles himself and if there is no one he says: “Islaam began as something strange and will return as something strange“. However he does not make, “Islaam began as something strange and will return as something strange” that I sit in the house and close my door, and the world burns outside and “Islaam began as something strange and will return as something strange!!” There are no benefits? The legislated benefits did not come to you? The Islaamic politics did not come to you? How did the Prophet – Salallaahu alaihi wa salam- used to meet the disbelievers, the disbelievers used to gather around him. He -Salallaahu alaihi wa salam- used to give them, and the people people were new in their covenant with Islaam and he used to give them more than the Sahaabah so that they would gather to him and he would come to them. And he knew that the Sahaabah were greater than those people. We study the Seerah (history) of the Prophet -Salallaahu alaihi wa salam- and we study the way of the Prophet -Salallaahu alaihi wa salam- and how the Prophet -Salallaahu aliahi wa salam- preserved the Sahaabah, and how the Prophet – Salallaahu alaihi wa salam- ensured that they do not split!

So I advise -specifically- myself and I advise my brothers – meaning it’s not just those here because those who are listening online and in every place – I advise my brothers, the Salafees in every part of the world, and I’m the smallest of them, and I’m the most ignorant of them, and I’m at their service, and I am poor (miskeen) – Clear or not? I ask Allaah that He covers us and you with Mercy. I advise you and I say to you:

Fear Allaah with Salafiyyah! Fear Allaah with the Salafees! Fear Allaah with the People of Tawheed! For they are few. And they are being fought and attacked from every direction. So Fear Allaah – Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala- and know what you say. And I will clarify and make it clear: The refutation is a refutation. However refute with manners and knowledge based conditions, and refute based on the mistake and use the legislated terms. As for the expressions that alienate and destroy and do not clarify then we do not want them.

(After continuing with the class, the adhaan was called and the Shaykh said the following after the Adhaan)

In the year 1990, after the attack on Kuwait, I sat with a group of Iraqis who used to live in Kuwait. The rules of the country were that they should return back to Iraq. I sat with a group of about 20 young Iraqis, it was the year 1990 it’s been about 19 years now or what?

So I advised them – as I advised myself – with the Fear of Allaah (‘azza wa jall) and to spread the Da’wah as-Salafiyyah in Iraq. Then I said to them, “If you find any danger, then stop.”

Now some of them have become two types: One type from them, their families are Shee’ah and they would return to Iraq to the areas of the Shee’ah, those people I feared for them that they would be killed. So I said to them, “Do not start with the Da’wah, just be patient a bit because the first thing they will do is pandemonium!”

The second type were of the Sunnah (their families), and they would go to the areas of the Sunnah in the south of Baghdad. I feared for them the Ba’athis (socialists of Iraq), especially because the Ba’this at that time, anyone who called to Tawheed would be insulted as “Wahhaabi, follower of Saudi Arabia” and would be killed. This Saddam Hussayn now, the ignorant sit and cry for him! I brought from this two matters: the most important is that I said to some of them, “If you go to Barr then you work as shepherds.” I said to them, “The most important thing to me is that you preserve your salafiyyah. When the conditions become favorable and the Salafees are present, then you call.” The important thing is, they went and there was a connection between us during that time… two of them I remember them in the south of Baghdad, they went to work as shepherds. Imagine herding sheep in Barr, because they fear that if they sit inside Baghdad and pray the Sunnah prayers and like this, they will be insulted as “Wahhabi” and that they’re like this and they will be killed.

So where did they go? They went to Barr and stayed there are shepherds herding sheep and applying Salafiyyah and Tawheed. One of them, I remember that I gave him a book – he reminded me of it after, I will give you a story after that – I want to give advice for myself beforehand, because I don’t usually give these types of stories.

The important thing: Before the fall of Iraq, Saddam Hussayn started some opening for the Da’wah of Salafiyyah after some time – politically- because he was upset at seeing the Shee’ah moving. He said to open a domain, and some of the youth started -alhamdulillaah- some inspiration for the Da’wah of Salafiyyah. So they began to call to Salafiyyah. Salafiyyah in the provinces of the Ba’thists, and with that some of them began to become Salafee. Rather some of the major ones from them became Salafees. So we became happy with this but with caution! Now you know the Ba’thists change politically, he becomes Salafee only to achieve something… careful!

The American war began. And the well-known treachery in Iraq began. The Shee’ah betrayed and went with the Americans. Also other people entered, even the “Islamic” groups, the Ikhwaan al Muslimeen betrayed and betrayed the whole world – except those whom Allaah has Mercy upon-. So they called me in those days and I said to them, “Fight the invaders, however beware, do not go in with the Ba’thists and with their mindset, because I fear they will betray you with the Shee’ah and kill you, because the army is almost completely Shee’ee, lying Ba’thists. He is Shee’ee, and he is Ba’thist

Three days after, they called me and said, “May Allaah reward you for your advice, the betrayal occurred as you said and the Iraqi Army started killing the people of Sunnah who were before.” After that they said, “What is the advice?” They are -maa shaa Allaah- also intellectuals. So I said to them, “Go to Quraa and Hejr and spread the Da’wah of Tawheed” So when Iraq settles then the Da’wah of Tawheed would have been spread. And they also saw this.

So then they began to spread the books of Tawheed, and spread this and that in Qura until one of them called me and said, “I give you glad tidings that you gave me a book in the year 1990 and I’ve been sitting and teaching Tawheed from it.” And I forgot, By Allaah! Importantly: the Da’wah of Tawheed was being spread, and they began to call us and now Qura is 50 villages and all of them are Salafees, meaning work, the people are working there. And so they began to spread Tawheed and the people know that there are Soofees, polytheism, Ba’thism which was there before. So then they began to spread the Da’wah of Tawheed, such that they would call – at this time, threats came from some of the Takfeerees of Al-Qaeda. Threats came to some of the students of knowledge, “If you teach Tawheed, we will kill you…” -[this portion is unclear – 2 lines]-

The people themselves wanted to learn about Jihaad and then go to fight. Clear or not? They said no. So this brother called me and I said to him, “Stop your classes!” because I feared that he would be killed. I said, “Stop your classes, there will be a day where these people will go and you will remain and teach – with the permission of Allaah-” He did that and he’s teaching now.

So the Da’wah was spread and now the Salafees over there are more than their enemies and the Al-Qaeda and Khawaarij want them to be eliminated. The Americans, the same thing. The Shee’ah militia, the same thing. They called me after three weeks and said they wanted a teleconference. And the youth are gathered together and called and said, “We have differed and split on the problem with ‘Alee Hasan Al-Halabee and from so-and-so and so-and-so.”

Billaahi ‘Alaykum!! Cry, don’t laugh! What should I do now?!!

And then one of them hates the other and the other shuns the next. And then Fitnah (tribulations) occurred! Think about it, the Fitnah in this country at this time when they are being ambushed by whom? The Shee’ah militia and other than them are waiting for them! And differences occur between them and splitting and disparagement after they used to love one another. Now they vilify one another because of this problem…

We said, O Brothers! Whoever wants to refute then refute. And mention the Shaykh by his name, and clarify his mistakes with his name, and the Salafees will read it. Refute. There’s no problem. Clarify the mistake. There’s no problem. However, do not make it a cause for strife between the Salafees. Do not make it a fitnah for the Salafees. Do not make it a test for the Salafees.

Like that is ‘Alee (al-Halabee), if he has a response which clarifies his words, then refute as well O ‘Alee! And with the name, refute those who refuted you by name. And the ones who refuted him, then refute him by name. But do so with manners and knowledge about the way to refute, and using the legislated phrases, and that the refutation does not become a reason for strife between the Salafees – just like it’s become now.

This fitnah, you see that I’ve called it a Fitnah! (It’s not a fitnah that you do not refute?) It’s the opposite, I see that you should refute. Because not refuting, this is a fitnah. However the refutations in a way which has extremism, and causing strife between the Salafees and testing them, this is also a fitnah. How do we learn from this problem? There should be refutations. However the refutation should be according to the legislated terms, and the refutation should not lead to being exited from Salafiyyah and should not turn into Walaa’ and Baraa’ and cause strife in the ranks of the Salafees and in the whole world.

As for the refutations in knowledge-based issues, refute, if you see that there is a mistake in this term, or mistake in this principle or mistake in this, then refute and clarify with what you have from evidences and we kiss his head and we kiss your head! (this is a sign of respect) Alhamdulillaah! Correct or not? As for the problem of testing the Salafees, and and splitting them it became twofold in Iraq. So I said to them one last thing. I said to them, “You are in Iraq, in pandemonium, there’s nothing in front of you except killing. The whole country is like a volcano. And they have nothing except this group and we were happy with you for 20 years and you started to spread Tawheed and Sunnah, and Tawheed spread in the middle of the country, where sacrifices were done for other than Allaah and warning for other than Allaah and they sought refuge with other than Allaah… and other than this.” Now they are defecting amongst themselves and fighting amongst themselves and refuting each other and problems arose!! Why?! We are here in Saudi Arabia we do not take into account the other areas, will we know the danger of our words if we said it?!

So this is my opinion – meaning, in this issue. Because there are many people who are calling. Some people I know why they’re calling and I turn the phone off. And some of the people call from some of the countries and from Iraq and from Libya and other than them, this is my opinion.

The refutation is expected; clarifying the mistakes is expected, however without unfair rules and non-legislated words, without obscene nicknames, without inciting hatred and splitting the ranks of the Salafees in the world.

This is what I have with me…

Clear or not?

And those who differ with me, then refute me and say “O ‘Aayid you have made a mistake here we see that it should be like this…make a tape and say ‘Aayid said this in this tape and narrate my words and say it is wrong with this proof and I will answer it…”