“Trimming the Beard” – By Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Junaid

Trimming the Beard

By Shaykh Abdul Qaadir bin Muhammad Al Junaid

Translated by:

Akram an-Najdee


Duroos Yawm al Jumu’ah February 1, 2013


Is the issue about cutting more than what extends past a fist length of the beard (I.e. trimming shorter than a fist length) an issue of Ijtihaad? What do you advise the person who cuts more than a fist length?


The Shaykh -hafidhahullah- said (not an exact translation since I only took notes, didn’t write word for word):

This is an issue where the scholars of the past have differed on in two [general] statements:

(1) To leave the beard without trimming anything

(2) To trim what extends past the fist length

[Here Shaykh Abdul Qaadir grabbed his beard in a fist length and showed us that the part that falls below the fist length can be cut]

The person should investigate the opinions and study the evidences and choose what he thinks, based on his research, pleases Allaah the most.

As for me, what I see as the correct position is that the beard should be left without trimming.

[Shaykh Riyaadh mentions that for some people they try to make fist length like this: he cupped his hand and made it touch his chin – basically trimming far more than what exceeds a fist length]

[Shaykh Abdul Qaadir stated that this is not permissible and said:] This is something also that the Ikhwan al Muslimeen have propagated. They say they are Islaamic, but the vast majority of them will trim like this. Some will even promote shaving. And Ibn Hazm rahimahullaah mentioned that there is Ijmaa’ against shaving the beard and the obligation to leave it.